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Command area, Ayacut and Development

The Right canal is designed to irrigate 0.475 M ha in the command area and the Left canal is designed to irrigate 0.42 M ha.  The cropping pattern under the two canals is as follows:

Right Canal Kharif wet (paddy) 0.176 M ha          (4.349 Lakh Acres)
  Kharif I.D. 0.065 M ha          (1.606.Lakh Acres)
  Rabi I.D. 0.234 M ha          (5.782 Lakh Acres)
  Total 0.475 M ha          (11.737 Lakh Acres)
Left Canal Kharif wet (paddy) 0.202 M ha   (4.991 Lakh Acres)
  Rabi I.D. 0.218 M ha   (5.387 Lakh Acres)
  Total 0.420 M ha    (10.378 Lakh Acres)
Grand Total :    0.895 M ha   (22.115 Lakh Acres)

The ayacut under left canal is divided into 3 zones:

  1. The ayacut in Zone I is localized for wet crops
  2. The ayacut in Zone II is localized for mixed cropping pattern (Wet & I.D).
  3.  The ayacut in zone III is localized for I.D. Crops

The ayacut under right canal is divided into 2 zones:

  1. Mixed cropping pattern is proposed in both Zones.